Saturday, June 22, 2013

BK's Homemade Potato Salad

Last weekend, on a complete whim, I decided to try to make some homemade potato salad, and it really turned out well.  Wanted to give it another shot today, and document it so my dumb-ass can remember how to make it!!!

As per usual, when attempting to cook something new, I went on the Internet for some ideas.  But I rarely, if ever, use a straight recipe or ingredients.  I just like to browse for some ideas, get a good idea of the basic cooking times, and then just wing it.

Here are most of the ingredients I used:

5 eggs
5 medium sized potatoes (which was plenty)
Ranch Dressing
Honey Dijon Dressing (I hate yellow mustard with a passion, so used this in it's place)
Cajun seasoning (Tony Chachere's of course!!)
Hellman's Mayonnaise (just the regular old standard kind)
Sliced jalapenos (the jarred kind)
Sliced banana peppers (again in the jar)
Bacos or some kind of bacon .  I use those because they are meatless (have to cater to the vegetarians in the house) but they still add flavor.  Some real crumbled bacon would probably work great too.

The first thing I do is get the potatoes and eggs going.  Put the potatoes in a big pot and fill with water until they are covered by a few inches.  Get it on the stove and boil for 20-30 minutes.  The first time I think I overcooked them just a little.  This time I went with 25 minutes, since the potatoes were a little bigger.  That was plenty, and 20 might have been enough. Basically, if you can fork them easily, they are done.    After starting those, get the eggs ready.  Put them in a pot and fill with COLD water until they are covered by an inch or two.  I add a little salt and vinegar too, on a tip from THIS site, as before last week I had never hard boiled an egg before!!  Cross that off the bucket list!!  Bring them to a pretty good boil, then remove them from the heat and cover for 10-12 minutes.  Then put them in a bowl of ice water until they are fully cooled.

While the potatoes and eggs are cooking, I get the dressing prepared.

I use a glass measuring cup and get about 1 solid cup of mayo in there.  Add a splash of vinegar, about a table spoon of both dressings, some Cajun seasoning, the bacos, about a tbsp. of Cholula, a little salt, a spoon full of relish, and a tbsp of melted butter.  Then I chop up some of the jalapenos and banana peppers and add those. Dump the entire thing into a big bowl.

Then once the potatoes and eggs are ready, start peeling them and chopping them up.  Add them in to the dressing and mix everything up well.  Then, put into the fridge for a while and let it cool.  The peeling is always the worst part.  Since the potatoes are cooked, they peel kind of easily, but can still be a pain.  Peeling eggs sucks, or at least I suck at it, but since you are just going to chop it up anyway, it doesn't really matter so long as you get them all out, and there are no shells.  If anyone has any tips on how to make peeling potatoes and hard boiled eggs easier, I am all ears.

Anyway, it turned out great again!!!  One of the best things about it is, that the kids HATE it, so that just means more for me!!!!  Went great with the steak I grilled up. It's got some kick, but nothing major or too overwhelming.  Could definitely tone it up some if you want something spicier.  Definitely plenty of room for tweaking to conform to your own tastes.

If anyone ever tries this, let me know how it turns out.  I will definitely be making it again in the near future!!!




Friday, June 21, 2013

World War Z, Under the Dome and Aaron Hernandez..........

Seriously, what the hell is going on with Aaron Hernandez!??!?!  Doesn't look good for the Pats Tight End.  Not to jump to conclusions or anything, and EVERYONE is certainly entitled to due process, so I'm not condemning him as guilty just yet.  But let me say this, since it's highly unlikely I will be defending, prosecuting or on the jury, I'll just throw my two cents in.  He's either guilty of something REALLY bad, or he is seriously covering up for someone that is.  Just crazy.  Regardless, I think it's safe to say I won't be protecting him as a keeper in my fantasy football league!!!!

OK, had to get that out of the way.  Now, on to today's topic of discussion.  Two novels that I read in the past year are both making the transition to the big screen. Well, one to the big screen as in the "theatre" and one is going to be a television series.  It's always interesting to have books try to make this transition, and usually the reader ends up disappointed, as the movie/show doesn't live up to the novel.  There are some exceptions, but that seems to be the general rule of thumb.

Let's start with the movie:  World War Z, by Max Brooks.

Came out today. So far, I have heard mixed reviews.  Not that I really care what other people think anyway.  Let me first say, that I am not really into the genre of zombies, vampires, mummies and the like.  I think the market is pretty saturated with the "undead" right now.  I have seen a couple episodes of "The Walking Dead", and they were OK.  However I am very into apocalyptic things, so some of that stuff does interest me in.  Anyway, I wouldn't normally think World War Z would be something that I'd read, but something about it grabbed my attention in the book store, so I went for it.  I was VERY surprised at how good it was.  Couldn't put it down actually, well written, and good story.  To summarize, the narrator is basically just interviewing several dozen "survivors" of the war, and the book is just a collection of those interviews.  So, there really are no main characters or story lines.  Some interviews are more in depth than others, and the range of who is interviewed varies greatly, from simple common citizens, to high ranking government/military officials.  It's not really a linear story though, and I am really questioning how this novel could be translated to the big screen without severely changing (or adding to) the story.  I am definitely going to see it at the theatre soon, but my expectations will be VERY tempered, and I fully expect it to not live up to the book, as per usual.

The other novel I read, about 1 year ago, was Under the Dome, by Stephen King.

Previously I had only read one King novel, The Stand, and absolutely loved it.  I'm not really into horror stuff, so most of King's novels don't really jump out at me. But this one did, and it DELIVERED, big time.  It was a great read, albeit a long one.  The characters were great, and it was a classic good vs. evil psychological thriller, with a lot of other moving parts, and it all made for a great story.  Just a lot of humans in a weird situations regressing to their basic human/animal instincts.  I don't want to say too much, so I will just leave it at that.  I was surprised when I saw this was coming to TV, but was happy they took the series route, as opposed to the mini-series, like other King novels in the past.  The Stand mini-series was decent, but left SO much OUT.  They could have easily made that into a series that had 3 solid seasons.  I have ZERO idea what the network's plans are for Under the Dome as far as episodes, but I hope they take it slow and don't try to cram everything into one season.  I think it has potential, despite it being a "network" thing.  My expectations of this are set a little higher, as I think as a full series it has more potential to deliver, and to do the book justice.  Of course, it premiers on Monday night at the exact time the Blackhawks and Bruins will be playing Game 6!!  I guess that's what DVRs are for.  But then when will I get to watch the Bachelorette!?!??!?!?

Let's face it, there is no shortage of HOT GARBAGE being thrown at all of us on TV and the big screen.  Hopefully these two will deliver, but as I have stated, I won't set my expectations too high for fear of being severely let down.

I do recommend both novels though, as they are both great reads, and not super-challenging.  Although, Under the Dome is a thick one.

That's all I have for now.  I wanted to get this posted before these came out.  I have plenty to say about the Cup Finals, and overtime playoff hockey in general.  Also, plan on making my soon-to-be-famous potato salad this weekend too.

Thanks for stopping by..............GO HAWKS!


Monday, June 17, 2013

NHL Playoffs, Boring Baseball, Potato Salad, and Poker..........................

BREAKING NEWS!! THE NHL STRIKE IS OVER!!!!! And what do you know, the Chicago Blackhawks are having a great season!!  OK, obviously I knew the season started months ago, and after initially being a little salty about the whole lockout/strike thing, I have really enjoyed the NHL season/playoffs so far. I guess it always helps when your team posts the best regular season record, and is now playing for the Stanley Cup!!  Of course, I am the idiot that opted out of his Blackhawks season ticket group this year!  DOH!!!  Bad timing, but I don't regret my decision.  Games were just tougher and tougher to get too, and the cost continued to rise.  I am content watching the games from the comfort of my own home anyway.

Hopefully the Blackhawks can take care of business tonight and take a 2-1 series lead.  Both games so far have been really exciting, and both teams have played some great, and not-so-great hockey.  Either way, if I was an impartial hockey fan, I'm sure I'd be pleased with the level of excitement the Cup Finals and the playoffs in general have provided.  Playoff hockey is one of my favorite things to watch, no matter who is playing.


Baseball has become pretty boring to me.  I still love it, but just can't watch it day in day out.  It's also a tough sport to gamble on, and it's a complete grind, so I opt to not even bother. Of course, I still do fantasy baseball, but I won't bore you with the details on how good my teams are.  Because let's face it, NO ONE really wants to hear about someone else's fantasy teams.  I don't want to hear about how you got beat out bidding on Gerritt Cole, and I won't bother you with details about how I drafted Kyle Blanks.  Oh, and we're not even half way through the season!!!

The WSOP is in full swing out in Vegas.  This is the 10th anniversary of Chris Moneymaker's epic Main Event win back in 2003.  Can't believe it's been that long.  So much changed in the poker world before, during and after his win, and it's been nothing short of a wild ride in the 10 years since!!  Here is a GREAT article on the 2003 Main Event, as told by those involved.

It's a really good read, and even the most passive poker fan/player would enjoy it.  I seriously suggest you check it out. Seriously, do it.  Rounders was released in 1998, and I think the world is ready for another successful poker movie on the big screen.  Someone seriously needs to consider giving the Moneymaker story a shot at it.  I think it would be great, although, I am admittedly a little biased being the poker fan that I am.  It's a little weird saying poker ''fan''.  I am a poker player, but I do enjoy watching/following the stories as well.  I guess poker enthusiast/player better describes it.  Anyhoo, a few big names already making some waves this year as David Chiu, Mike Matusow and Tom Schneider have all won bracelets and Eric Baldwin, Scott Siever, and Allen Cunningham have all finished as runners up.  Matusow has always been one of my favorites.  For me, maybe next year!!  Until then, I'll just keep grinding it out online playing $2 and $5 HU SNGs!!!  ; )

photo courtesy of

On a completely spontaneous whim Sunday, I decided to make homemade potato salad.  I knew we had potatoes and mayonnaise, and figured I could fill in the blanks from there.   And that's just what I did.  I had never, EVER, made potato salad before, hell, I had NEVER even hard-boiled an egg before.  So, my expectations were tempered. But let me tell you, I knocked it out of the fricken park!!  It was FANTASTIC!!  Going to try it again soon and will include pics and instructions here.  Only need to tweak a couple minor things.  Seriously, that is how good it was.  Went great with the BBQ chicken drumsticks and corn on the cob I grilled, while watching the final round of the US Open.  Was pulling for Lefty to finally get the W in the Open, but not to be.  Justin Rose played good though, and deserved the win.

That's all I got for now.  Thanks for stopping by..................


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Skittles: Taste (a part) of the rainbow.

Football is over.  I hate it.  It's cold outside, and the insanely long and boring baseball season is still several weeks away.  And please STOP with this pitchers and catchers reporting BULLSHIT!! I don't care, until the regular season starts, it's just EXHIBITION.

Anyway, I digress.  I'm bored blogging about sports, and I'm an angry cranky soon-to-be-old man that is upset that my favorite time of the year (i.e. football season) and come and gone, again.  The Super Bowl was great, outside of the RIDICULOUSLY LONG HALFTIME SHOW THAT PROBABLY ONLY CATERED TO ABOUT 5% OF ACTUAL FOOTBALL FANS.  Oh, and that 30+ minute power outage!!  Sorry, I have to stop, I could write for days about how stupid the halftime shows are.  Let me get to my point.

I AM MAD AT SKITTLES!!!!!  I have had enough, and I am going to put an end to my anger once and for all.  I recently purchased a bag of Skittles and ONLY received THREE red skittles in the entire BAG!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!  So I took it upon myself to write up a complaint to Skittles (i.e. Wrigley/Mars), and tell them how I feel about them right now.

Here is the letter, in it's entirety:

Dear Skittles Company:

I recently purchased a bag of Skittles out of the vending machine here at work.  I was shocked and appalled after opening the bag and ONLY finding 3 red skittles in the bag!!  Red skittles are BY FAR the best flavor, and I have at least 3 office mates that agree with me (Tom, Mindy and Joe).  I'm sure most people feel this way.  In fact, if you sold bags of ONLY red skittles, I'm sure it would totally be a great thing and so many people would just buy those.  I'm not even sure how yellow and green got in the mix, and purple is average at best.  It's the 20th century now, and there has to be a machine or robot invented that can sort these colors better.  I have google, but have not researched enough to know if the red skittles cost more to make, but I don't think that is it, because most things that come in different colors cost the same, EVEN CARS!  

I am at a loss at what to do.  I have tried contacting Martin Radvan the LEADER of your company but cannot find his email address anywhere.  Your company is OBVIOUSLY avoiding this, and other issues by making it hard to get in touch with him or others including the people that sort the Skittles or their supervisors.

I have CC'd this letter to THE WHITE HOUSE AND THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA because I do not KNOW who else to turn to.

In retribution for the HORRIBLE experience I have had with your company, I demand that you make changes on your sorting line, starting with the hiring of robots that can do the job arbitrarily, or offer full bags of ONLY RED SKITTLES.  If neither of these demands can be made, I will settle for one or two bags of free Skittles (WITH PROPER NUMBER OF RED ONES!!!).  Those can be sent to me at the address provided on the complaint form.  But I REALLY want you to try the robot sorters first.

In addition to sending this complaint, I have posted this information on my sports blog ( which gets AT LEAST 10 or 15 hits a day, and at LEAST half of those are by real humans and not spammers.  I have also tweeted that link to @Skittles. I have been in contact with the people over at Starburst, and I may be switching to them.  At least with Starburst I KNOW what colors I will be getting, even though THE YELLOW STARBURSTS SUCK TOO!!!  I also twitted this myself, and have over 100 followers, SO MY VOICE WILL BE HEARD!!!

I apologize for the lengthy complaint, but this has really got me upset, and enough is enough.  Please forward this to the desk of Martin Radvan ASAP.  

Thank you in advance for a speedy response to these matters.


Brian Kenealy

PS- You have 48 hours.

Only three reds?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I am very curious to see how or if they respond.  I don't think my demands are THAT outrageous??  

These are the things that I obsess over when I don't have football to keep my mind focused. AND IT'S ONLY BEEN 3 DAYS SINCE THE SEASON ENDED!!

On another note, been tweeting a lot lately (@bk1374), and following some REALLY funny tweeters, I encourage you to check them out. Here are a few samples.  Some of it is really OUT THERE, but still a good laugh:

OK, that's all I got for today.



Saturday, January 12, 2013

BCS Nonsense, NFL Playoffs, HOF Shut Out and the ND Haters Guide!

A few topics today.  A quick recap of the BCS Title Game, and an interesting find regarding one of the BCS computers that is further proof the system is flawed.  We'll touch on the HOF shutout, RG III's injury, and this weekend's football match ups.

As most of the world knows by now, Alabama absolutely stomped Notre Dame in last Monday's BCS Championship game.  It's Bama's second title in a row, and third in four years.  It was a complete domination from the opening kick.  A couple days later I found this nugget of an article on

If you don't want to read it, I will break it down.  It basically says that one of the six computers the BCS uses to compile it's rankings STILL has ND ranked #1 over Alabama!!!!  These are the SAME computers that are used to compile the standings during the year and help determine who will play in the BCS Bowls, including the title game.  How ridiculous is that!!?!?!  It's complete circular unlogic!!  ND and Bama each only have one loss.  Bama lost to a 2-loss Texas A & M team, and ND lost to Bama.  Bama is CLEARLY the best team, so by virtue of ND's only loss coming against the clear top team, they must be #1.  Makes perfect sense??!?!?!  I'm sure SOS and other factors play into it as well, and the article does state that margin of victory does not factor in.  Blah blah blah.  Further proof that the current system is so jacked up beyond repair.  We'll see how next year goes with the new 4 team playoff.  I can't imagine it will be any worse!!!  In hindsight, a Bama vs. Oregon National Title Game would have been sweet.  Not sure if Oregon had the D to stop Bama, but they would have surely put up a better fight.  Oh well.....

SB Nation posted an interesting photo the other day.  It was a screen shot of ESPN's show Sports Nation:

"How much do you blame Jay Cutler for RG III's injury?"

Huh!??!?!??!!?  ESPN is now just making things up to discuss on their shows apparently!!!!  In case you don't recall.  Cutler suffered an injury two years ago in the NFC Championship game (TWO YEARS AGO) and did not return to the game.  Many fans and media questioned his "toughness" and the severity of the injury, and thought he should have come back in.  Fast forward to last week and RG III tweaks his bum knee early in the game, but stays in the game, and eventually gets knocked out and does some serious damage to his knee.  Does anyone in their right mind think that RG III, Mike Shananhan or any other Redskins personnel thought about Cutler's specific injury when decided whether or not to send him back in??  Absurd.  And to specifically ask IF CUTLER IS TO BLAME????  So silly, and that is putting it nicely.

In baseball news.  No one was elected to the HOF this year.  It's happened before, but not since 1996.  Craig Biggio was the top vote getter, but still came up short.  I thought Biggio would get in, and think he deserves it.  Sometimes writers don't like to put guys in on the first ballot.  Whatever, that's fine.  He'll get in eventually.  The real debate is regarding all the alleged steroid users (Sosa, Bonds, Clemens, Palmeiro et al). These are sportswriters.  That's who votes these guys in.  That's the way it's always been. If you don't like sportswriters, then find a different HOF to complain about.  Without specifically debating whether or not anyone on this year's ballot deserved to get in, I LIKE the idea that it's possible no one can get in.  There are a LOT of great baseball players NOT in the HOF.  That's the way it should be.  I don't want every single player that had a very above average career to get in. That's not what it's for.  It also makes for some GREAT debates about who should/shouldn't be in. You don't have the same debate for the NFL HOF (sans Ray Guy), they let 6-7 people in every year!!!  The steroid debate is interesting though.  Some of them did get a lot of votes, so you never know.  The whole baseball era of the 90's and early 00's is tainted to me, and not sure what to make of it all.  If you want to see the exact voting results, the link above has it.

Now, on to this weekend's football games.

The first game today is Baltimore at Denver.  Weather is supposed to play a factor, and could slow down an already slow Baltimore offense.  Denver has a pretty decent D too.  Couple that with the altitude, and Peyton Manning, and it's clear as to why Denver is a 9pt favorite.  I'm not sure I want to lay that many points, so I am leaning towards the OVER 43.5 instead.  Unless weather conditions are extremely bad, I see Denver putting up some points.
Denver 31 - Baltimore 20

Next up is the Packers at San Francisco.  The Niners got a bye, and play a home game here.  The Packers have looked more beatable this year than in years past, but still have a formidable offense, and should be right in this game.  The Niners are a 3 point favorite at home, which tells you the books see this one pretty much as a coin toss.  I will take the veteran QB here over the rookie in a close, hard fought game.
Green Bay 27 - San Francisco 23

Tomorrow's early game is Seattle at Atlanta.  Seattle seems to be the trendy pick to come out of the NFC.  They have a great D, and are playing really good football of late. Atlanta is known for playoff let downs, and despite their great home regular season record in recent years, always seems to disappoint.  This year, I think Atlanta gets it done though!!  Again, we have a rookie QB making a road start, and I like Atlanta's offense to have enough fire power to get some scores on Seattle's D.  Seattle played great last week in their win at Washington, but RG III's was obviously hobbled, and that was the deciding factor.  I think their nice run ends this week.
Atlanta 28 - Seattle 17

The final game is Houston at New England.  A rematch from a game a few weeks ago where New England absolutely destroyed Houston.  I doubt we see a repeat of that, but Houston has looked very mortal the past month+, and I just don't see them shutting down the Pats enough to escape with a win.  Not sure I want to lay the 9.5 pts though either.
New England 31 - Houston 21

Lastly this week.  If you hate ND, please check out this link.  It's really funny, even if you are an ND fan, you might find the humor in it.  And if not, perhaps you'll better understand why some root against them.

I bash ND a lot, so I will just leave it at that for now!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!  Enjoy the games!



Friday, January 4, 2013

Cotton Bowl, NFL Playoffs, and Collin Klein's Wife

Yeah, how sucky would it be if we had to watch Oregon play the winner of Monday's Alabama vs. Notre Dame game??  That would be really boring.  Instead, let's keep having half filled stadiums for BCS games in the name of keeping this antiquated Bowl system relevant.  (<<<<<SARCASM!!!)  Ah, what can you do.  The Rose Bowl was entertaining at least, and last night's Fiesta Bowl was too, despite the semi-lopsided score.  I really thought K-State would keep it closer, but Oregon's high powered offense proved to be too much.  My biggest gripe about the game was how ESPN kept showing Collin Klein's wife, over and over again. Like FIVE times in one drive, and then a few more times during the rest of the game.  Seriously, who cares??  And she was pretty ugly to boot, and possibly jaundice.  But that's just my opinion, and I am not a doctor.

Photo Courtesy of Bleacher Report
As the Bleacher Report reports HERE, Klein and his spray-tanning wife were married last summer.  And Klein had his FIRST KISS as the alter!!  Listen, Collin Klein seems like a nice guy, and he is a pretty damn good quarterback, but his NFL chances just took a major blow, as the NFL already has one Tebow, and that is the MAX ALLOWED.  I'm guessing Klein knows his NFL chances are slim, thus sealing the deal on the wife now.  Hey, who am I to judge.  Actually, I am BK, and this is my blog, so I will judge ANYTIME I want!!  Careful, you might be next!  Speaking of douche bags Tim Tebow, it was nice to see Tebow blatantly showing off his over sized Jeebus cross on the sidelines at the Sugar Bowl. Another reason I'm glad Florida lost.

OK, sorry about the anti-goodie-two-shoes rant.  I don't have anything personally against either one, just think they are both toolbags.  Nice jacket, asshat.

NFL Playoffs start Saturday!!!  Some good matchups this weekend.  The Colts roll into their former home Baltimore to take on the Ravens, the Vikings and Packers rematch from last week, and two rookie QB's face off in Washington as the RG III led Skins play host to Russell Wilson's Seattle Seahawks.  The Bengals also take on the slumping Texans, in the least attractive game of the weekend.  Another rookie QB awaits in the Divisional round, as Collin Kaepernick and the 49ers earned a first round bye.  Ponder and Dalton are both still pretty green too, as the NFL Playoffs have youth-run-a-muck at QB this year.  And let's not overlook the possible Brady-Manning rematch in the AFC title game!!  Story lines galore!!  Should make for some fun weekends in the next month.  I don't have any bold predictions to make here, as I think both the AFC and NFC are up for grabs this year.  But for argument's sake, I will say a Denver vs. Green Bay Super Bowl!!

What was that sport played in winter, where you slid around on frozen water trying to put a little black thing in the net?  Oh well.....can't remember........moving right along......

Tonight the BCS's unofficial fifth game takes place at Jerry Jones' Stadium in Dallas, as Texas A & M plays Oklahoma.  I will keep my analysis short and sweet.  A&M is overvalued here due to their win at Alabama, and due to the Manziel Heisman Hype.  I think OU is the better team, so I am taking them +3.5 and playing the ML (+130) as I think they win.  Probably a high scoring game too, and I think it could near 80pts total in the end.  I just hope that the coverage includes several dozen commercials reminding me how AWESOME insurance companies are, and how we'd all be screwed without them when disaster hits.  Um, correct me if I am wrong, BUT ISN'T IT THE INSURANCE COMPANIES JOB TO HELP REBUILD PEOPLE'S LIVES WHEN DISASTERS HIT?  A JOB THAT WE ARE PAYING THEM BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF $$$$$$$$$$$$ TO DO EVERY YEAR??  Sorry...ranting again!

Well...that's all I have for today!!!  Go Sooners!!

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bowl Games 12/27/2012 and "Golden Domers vs Mobile Homers".

First, let me address the new Notre Dame T-Shirt available.  The "Golden Domers vs. Mobile Homers" shirt that has been circulating.

Ok,'s kind of funny.  But let's not pretend that there are no "mobile homers" that live in Indiana, or that are ND supporters!!  It's kind of contradictory if you ask me!  But, I'm sure it's all in good fun.  I tried to do some research on what % of US residents actually live in mobile homes.  The best I could find was this map with %'s on it.  I have NO idea how accurate it is.  If it is accurate, OK, Bama has more, but Indiana still has it's fair share!!  (6.5% for IN, 14.7% for AL)

Interesting map.

OK, now onto to today's bowl games!!  I won't bother to dwell on last night's game, as CMU just had more offense than WKU, and outplayed/outcoached them.  A loss is a loss.

First up is the Military Bowl in Washington DC that has San Jose State making the cross-county trek to take on Bowling Green.  BGSU had stout defensive numbers all year, but for the most part, played a lot of really crummy offenses.  Everyone is touting the under on this one, as only 1 of BGSU's 11 games went over the posted total on the year.  It was bet down from the 48 opening number to 43, and is back up to 45 in some places.  Personally, I think both teams will score, and it goes over 44.5 (which is where I got it).  I think it will be a hard fought close game that San Jose State wins 31-24.

One side note on this game.  Even though Central Michigan might take the cake for ugliest uniforms, this could be the worst uni matchup of the bowl season, as both are pretty gross to look at!
Ok, I guess BGSU's aren't THAT bad, but I just don't like the brown look.

Next up....
The Belk Bowl!! Whatever that is.

Cincinnati and Duke square off in Charlotte, NC.  Cincy opened up as about a 7pt favorite, but it's climbed up to 9.5 by now.  I think Duke is pretty bad, and even a Big East team like Cincy should have no issue winning this game.  The line movement scares me though, as I'm sure Cincy is getting a lot of public action, so it's a no play for me.  Cincy 34 Duke 21.

Last, we have the Holiday Bowl from San Diego that features two high scoring offenses, Baylor and UCLA. I was impressed with Baylor down the stretch, and think they can get the win here today.  However, they do have some tackling issues, so UCLA will score.  I am not sure it can hit the total which is currently at 82.5, so my lean is to take the under.  But I will be on Baylor +3 for sure.  

Hoping these games go a little better than last night!!!  

Happy Bowl Watching, and thanks for stopping by!