Friday, November 30, 2012

Falcons Helmets, Too Many Bowl Games, and an SEC Teabagger!

"So, why are in you prison?"
"Well, I took out my genitals and rubbed them on the head of a passed out LSU fan."
" are going to fit right in around here"

In case you missed it, Alabama fan Brian Downing has plead guilty and could face up to 2 years in prison for his teabag prank on a passed out LSU fan after their game earlier this month.  Moron.  That will lead to some interesting jail introductions, in the event that he is sentenced to prison time. And what's with the dude picking the LSU fan's nose?  Good job man, you got another guys boogers on your fingers, well done!

Staying in the south, the Atlanta Falcons wore their throwback red helmets last night in their game vs. New Orleans.  They were always one of my favorite helmets growing up, and for whatever reason, I always enjoy it when they wear them.  I wish they would go the full 9 and get the red jerseys on too, but I will take what I can get.

Trivia question:  Why do the Falcons have two gold stripes on their red helmets?  Answer at the bottom of the page.  I already knew.  If you are a helmet nerd, like myself, check out THIS WEBSITE which has basically EVERY helmet, ever worn by any pro or college team, current or defunct.  It's actually pretty cool, and the guy has done a great job.

I usually bitch and moan about commercials and ads I see, as most are pretty insulting to the average person's intelligence.  But sometimes I see one that is well done, and makes me laugh.  This is one of the good ones.  The kid is great.

It's particularly funny now, in light of Cam's sophomore slump!

In laughable news, Georgia Tech has had their waiver to become bowl eligible approved by the NCAA.  They are currently 6-6, and play FSU on Saturday.  A game in which they will likely lose.  Normally a team must be 0.500 or better to be eligible.  This is just further proof that there are TOO MANY BOWL GAMES!  The MAC is upset, as this ruling may keep one of their teams out of a bowl game.  While I understand that perspective, is it really better to send Bowling Green?? No, it's still just mediocrity.  If you have seen Georgia Tech play, you know they just aren't very good.  Their 6 wins have come against mostly poor competition, and their only win vs a team with a record over 0.500 was vs UNC (8-4).  Last year UCLA had the same waiver approved, and lost to Illinois in some bowl game no one watched.  Too many bowl games, too many bowl games, too many bowl games.  Can't say it enough.  Although, on the upside, there are more games to gamble on!!

Thanks for stopping by!  The answer to the trivia question is below.



The reason Atlanta has gold stripes on their helmet is:  When they decided on black and red as their primary colors, they did not want to alienate the Georgia Tech fans (coincidentally enough), since red and black are the colors of GTech's instate rival U of Georgia.  So they added the gold stripes in Tech's honor.

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