Thursday, November 29, 2012

NBA, Rutgers, and the "Actually it's Seven" girl.....

If you are reading this, I assume you didn't win Powerball either.  : (

So am I the only one out there that just can't tolerate watching the NBA??  I mean, I was really into it back in the day, but being a Bulls "fan" and watching Jordan and co. win title after title, it was just fun.  Maybe the game has changed, maybe I have changed, I don't know.  What I do know is that occasionally I try to watch an NBA game (usually because I made a silly bet on a game), and it's just painful.  Just seems to lack any team approach, and has a choppy flow.  Thank god for the NHL and College Hoops!  Anyway, I did come across this hilarious photo taken from an NBA game.  It's a classic.
So, I guess there are TWO good reasons to go to an NBA game at least! ; ) Snickers and Skittles, of course.

Rutgers takes on Louisville tonight in a battle of two teams on their way OUT of the Big East. (Rutgers to the Big 10 and Louisville to the ACC in 2014)  Some are calling it the biggest game in Rutgers football history.  And a long history they do have (since 1869 to be exact).  In fact, this is only the 5th time in history that Rutgers has been ranked, and faced off vs. another ranked team.  It's big for them, as a win should put them into a BCS Bowl.  That would be huge for exposure, especially for a program about to make the jump to a more competitive league.  So the game is getting some hype, especially from ESPN (who is carrying it), but in reality, it's just two mediocre teams fighting one out in prime time, and regardless of represents the Big East in a BCS Bowl, they will likely get rolled over.  The line on the game is Rutgers -3, which is a pretty standard line for two "even" teams on paper.  I'll probably just watch the NFL game instead!

Anyone out there completely SICK of seeing this commercial?
I just want to smack her face with a 2 x 4 every time I hear "actually it's seven" come out of her non-football watching mouth.  I mean really, do the NFL and Verizon really think you can just become a fan because you watch a few games on your cell phone?  Of course they don't, but they do want people to remember their ads, AND talk about their products, so......mission accomplished I guess!  Also, who let Drew Brees into that party with a sport coat and T-shirt???  And who served him a plate of diarrhea??  On a side note, if anyone knows who the girl in the ad is, let me know, I could not find out.  I'd like to send her some fan mail!

Small card of college games this week, but some big games to discuss......which I will another time.

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  1. Thank you. I Googled "actually it's seven " hoping someone felt my disgust.