Monday, November 26, 2012

ND in the BCS Title Game...sigh.

I guess it's official now, so no use in denying it any longer. ND held off USC on Saturday night, cementing themselves into the BCS Championship game. While I am usually critical of ND (a "hater" as some tools might say!) you have to give them credit for winning all their games. Their ranking, and spot in the title game are deserved. Their opponent is yet to be determined however. Although it is apparently 100% for sure going to be the winner of this Saturday's SEC Championship Game between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Alabama Crimson Tide. I'm not sure exactly where in the "LAW OF THE BCS" where it states the SEC Champ is automatically in, but I guess that's the case. So congrats to ND and their fans, and they had better start working on their offense, because Bama might be a little tougher to score on then USC.

Speaking of USC......what was with Layne Kiffin's HORRIBLE play calling on ND's goal line stand?  I understand you have a very green QB, but you can't just try and cram it down their throat three times??  It's not a secret ND has a strong D, and a very stout front 7.  Then instead of kicking the FG on 4th down to make it a one possession game, he runs a play action pass which was thrown too low.  I can somewhat understand going for it, as you never know when you'll get that close to a TD again,  but the whole sequence was odd, and I think he out coached himself there.

In case you missed it, there was an odd play in the Lions-Texans game on Thanksgiving Day.  The Texas RB   was stopped, appeared to be down, but no whistle blew, and he kept running (smart move), and ran all the way to the end zone for an apparent touchdown.  However, once the replay was shown, it was obvious that his knee was down where he was first contacted.  Lion's coach Jim Schwartz got a little trigger happy with his challenge flag, and forgot for a second that all scoring plays are reviewed, and tossed his flag anyway.  Well I guess that is against the rules, as it does stop the play, and almost gives them a free timeout.  So a coach could just randomly do it to stop play for a moment without reason.  I get the rule, but man is that bizarre, as then there is no review that can help the Lions, and the play stands as called!!  Check out this link for the full video and some commentary on the play, as the NFL is now reviewing the rule.  I understand why the rule is in place, but unless him throwing the challenge flag really gave his team any edge, I don't see why they should be penalized.  Or perhaps that is too much objectivity for a ref to handle??

Oh....Dallas played on Thanksgiving too.   Or did they?  Pathetic.  The sad thing is that they still have a chance to make the playoffs!!!  There are two too many teams in the NFL, and too many in the playoffs.  I'd just assume see Dallas tank the rest of the year and start cleaning house, starting with Romo and Garrett.  How's that for being a fan?

In football fashion news, there were a few alt unis that caught my eye over the weekend.  I'm not usually a big fan of the mono-chromatic theme, but I like both Arizona and UCLA's looks over the weekend.

Of course, both teams lost!!

In the UGLY department, San Jose State took the cake.  Props to them on a great season, and for turning around their program, but they really need to ditch these eyesores!!  Conversely, their opponent Louisiana Tech has some simple, yet solid unis, and I LOVE their helmets.

Again, the team with the less ugly uniforms, lost the game.  Hmmmm.....

....I'm not sure what is more annoying, the fact that there is no NHL, or the fact that there IS NBA???

Hope everyone is recovered from Thanksgiving.  One more good night of sleep and I'll be back in form.

Have a good week!!

bk-- and check out the video below the Avett Brothers!!

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