Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why the BCS sucks (and the college bowl/voting system in general)

I will keep this short and sweet.

The BCS system sucks, duh.  Let's apply this same system to college hoops.  We'll have the NCAA basketball tourney, as normal.  But once we get to the Final Four, we'll just have a bunch of people vote and use a computer and pick the "best" two teams to play in the Championship game, even if they've already lost in the tournament.

How stupid would that be?

So, essentially, in football.....the entire season is really just a big tournament.  You don't lose, you keep playing.  you are undefeated, THEN YOU KEEP PLAYING UNTIL SOMEONE BEATS YOU.  Now, I understand that there are still 3 unbeatens, and it would suck if the season ended that way and one (read: Notre Dame) is left out.  Hopefully the 4 team playoff will start to alieviate some of this nonsense next year, but it's still a flawed system.


That is all.

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  1. Conferences have destroyed college football as we know it. The Bull Crampionshit Series has forced and/or enabled them to do so. Waiting five weeks for an arbitrarily selected "championship" game is mindless. Even if the clear cut two best teams make it that far, there is still only one meaningful contest and 30-some exhibition games. The ridiculous scenarios get worse every year. How about a five loss team in the Rose Bowl? I thought the season meant everything?
    The best system would have the top sixteen teams picked by the BCS system (at least that part would be OK) with NO conference tie bull crap. Play the first round of the 1 through 16 seeded tournament at the higher-seed's home. That would set up a New Year's Day quarter final of four bowl games back to back to back to back that would make the Super Bowl look like Pop Warner League stuff. Three more bowls could house the Semis and finals the next two or three weeks.
    Every possible team with a shot would get a chance. The seeding assures that 1 and 2 would lay in the finals if they keep winning. As for confernece championships and scheduling conflicts, just tell schools too bad and see how fast the agreements get changed.