Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!!

Bowl season is under way, and there have already been a few games played, but it really gets moving this week.  In fact, there is at least one football game EVERY day from now through January 7th, including this Sunday's NFL slate, and the NFL playoff games on January 5th and 6th.

I know I beat the proverbial dead horse about having too many bowl games, and too many crappy teams playing in them.  However, there is upside to it, as it means more games to watch (erm, gamble on?)!

Here is a link to the full slate of bowl games from here on out.

I like how CBS Sports now includes the point spread and totals for each game.  Another step towards the main stream media not tiptoeing around the fact that gambling drives the ratings for these games up, up, and up.

Tonight however, is a pretty mediocre match up between Western Kentucky and Central Michigan.  Fitting that it's the Little Caesars Bowl, as that is some of the worst pizza in existence.  CMU was probably one of the last teams to get a bowl bid this year.  They are 6-6 on the year, however 4 of those wins came against some pretty poor competition (SEMO d2, UMASS, EMU and Akron).  They have a poor run D, and WKU can run the ball.  I see no reason why WKU won't win this game.  To boot, CMU has just suspended one of their top wide receivers for tonight's game, Titus Davis (LINK HERE) who led them in receiving yards and TDs, along with two other players as well.  This can't bode well for an already mediocre team.  The only thing CMU has going for them is the hundreds and hundreds of "home" fans they'll have there cheering for them!!

The real games this week start up tomorrow, and continue through Saturday.  Baylor vs UCLA on Thursday night should be an exciting game, as both teams can put up some serious offensive numbers.

In unrelated news, the NHL is still on strike.

Still a lot to be determined in the NFL as well.  Some NFC playoff spots still up for grabs, and while the AFC playoff teams are set, still a lot to be gained/lost in terms of seeding.  The NFL is really up for grabs this year, and no teams are safe bets to make it to the Super Bowl.  Should be an exciting playoff year for sure.  As for my Dallas Cowboys, not sure how I feel about their chances.  If RGIII is hobbled still, they have a decent chance, but I still think they are pretty average at best.  We'll see.

Also, in poker news, here is a good story about Greg Raymer and his four wins on the HPT this year.  Raymer is kind of dorky, but always seemed like a really nice guy and a good poker ambassador.  So good for him!  One of my goals in 2013 is start playing more poker!!!  Not sure why, but the past couple days I really starting missing on-line poker.  But live is way better anyway, so look out poker world!

In more unrelated news, I got married on December 15th!!  Of course, all six people reading this probably already knew that!  Regardless, that plus the holiday season has kept me beyond busy the past few weeks, thus the lack of posts here.

Hope everyone out there has had a safe and wonderful holiday season.  I have definitely discovered many things in life that I am very grateful for.  Would love to add a WKU 7+ point win tonight to the list!  Sorry, can't help myself.

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