Wednesday, December 5, 2012

BCS Playoff....Let's play "What if"

Every year for the past 4 or 5, I have played the "what if" game in regards to a college playoff.  Obviously, with the new implementation of the 4 team playoff, we are getting closer and closer to that finally happening. Still, there are many hurdles to get over, and of course like most things, it boils down to the almighty dollar.  So I'll spare you the lecture on WHY we need a playoff, and just propose it to show how many great games there could be!!  The entire nation loves the NCAA Basketball tournament, so why not follow suit!

Let's say there is an 8 team playoff.  Let's also say that no more than 3 schools from any given conference can make it.  I think that's fair.  You don't finish in the top 3 in your own league, you are out.   To remove my own subjective nature, I will just use the final BCS standings, in order to determine who plays who.  I have also eliminated any conference matchups in the first round, although that might not even be necessary.

Here are the final BCS Standings.

As you can see, there are 4 SEC teams in the top 8, so LSU would be OUT under my rules.  We'd actually have to go to #11 Oklahoma to get our 8th team.  Also, based on the seedings, to avoid an SEC first round matchup, we'll have to drop #7 Georgia (who would have played #2 Bama) to the #8 seed, and slot OU up to #7.  Here would be the brackets:

#1 Notre Dame vs
#8 Georgia

#4 Oregon
#5 Kansas State

#2 Alabama
#7 Oklahoma

#3 Florida
#6 Stanford

That's a pretty awesome slate of games!

Let's say now that we move to a 16 game playoff.  Again, no conference match ups in the first round, but this time I put no restrictions on how many teams could come out of a league, and just used the top 16 schools, with some minor seed adjustments to avoid conference matchups.

#1 Notre Dame
#16 Nebraska

#8 LSU
#9 Oklahoma

#4 Oregon
#13 Clemson

#5 Kansas State
#12 South Carolina

#2 Alabama
#15 Northern Illinois

#7 Georgia
#10 Florida State

#3 Florida
#14 Oregon State

#6 Stanford
#11 Texas A & M

Again, some great match ups, great storylines, and just good football, especially as things get narrowed down.

There is really no reason for something like this to not be practical, aside from $$.  Please don't give all that bullshit about travel and fans and bowl games with hurt feelings.  People also say that there would still be controversy because the #9 or #17 team would be left out.  Yeah, so what?  Unless you LITERALLY put EVERY team into the playoff, that is ALWAYS going to be the case.

So while I am still optimistic that the system is finally changing for the better, it's still not where it needs to be, and might not be for a long while.  Hopefully the powers that be keep moving forward, and don't plateau with this 4 team playoff idea.

Thanks, that is all!



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