Monday, April 30, 2012

Derrick Rose: Should he have been in, and where do the Bulls go from here?

As most saw, and heard about already, Bulls point guard, and team leader, Derrick Rose tore his ACL on Saturday, ending his season, and probably the Bulls title hopes for 2012.  The growing debate on the matter is should he have even been in the game in the first place?  The Bulls had a 12 point lead with about 1:30 left in the game.  That kind of lead is usually pretty safe, and it would have been big news had Philly pulled off a comeback to win Game 1.  However, it is the NBA, and 90 seconds can be an ETERNITY sometimes.  Had Rose been on the bench, and Philly made any sort of run, I'm sure the same critics would be chastising Tom Thibodeau all the same for taking him out.  I know Rose was banged up all year, but this injury is a total freak accident, and likely not related to any injury woes Rose might have had of late.  So, we can sit here and play the "what if" game all day long, it's not going to change anything.  My first thoughts when I heard about the injury (of course I was NOT watching it!) were to question why he was in there, but after mulling it over, I think the odds of Philly coming back were still better than this sort of injury occurring.  Regardless, it's very unfortunate, and horrible timing for the Bulls, who have made it back to being one the top teams in the NBA for the first time since the Jordan era.  Bull's GM Gar Foreman has stood behind his coach's decision to leave Rose in the game.  This is hardly shocking, as now would be a very inopportune time to start a riff with your head coach.  The bottom line is, while debatable, it was likely not a horrible decision to keep Rose in.  I know the results argue otherwise, but with something like that, you cannot be too results oriented, as they don't necessarily determine the correct decision.  Yeah, Tommy Thib can sleep at night now that he has my approval!!!

Where do the Bulls go from here?  Well, some Chicago fans are remaining optimistic that they have a chance still, as the Bulls were 18-9 without Rose during the regular season.  Personally, while they may still get past Philly, I can't see the Bulls getting to, or winning the NBA Finals without their top player.  I know they've done well without him this year, but when you play the same team for an entire series, it's easier for them to make adjustments and expose your weaknesses.  I would say a best case scenario would be getting to the Eastern Conference Finals, but even that might be a stretch.  I can't see the Bulls beating the Miami Heat in a best of 7 series, so unless the Heat get upset in round 1 or 2, the Bulls finals chances are toast.

So, Chicago is left with a spring and summer of watching mediocre baseball, and dreaming of NBA Finals passed!  Bulls fans will have to wait another year (at least) to get that seventh title, as the Jordan era moves another year into the distant past.  Don't worry Chicago, many a douchenozzle Bear fan have claimed that Brandon Marshall is their key to getting back to the Superbowl!  LMAO!!  Oh Bear fans, you crack me up!  Four months until football season, and it can't get it here soon enough!!!

On a side note, perhaps this is karma for Rose cheating on his SAT tests??  Ha!  Sorry, had to throw that one in there.  Oh right, I forgot, in Chicago we're supposed to IGNORE the fact that Rose cheated his way into college.  Never mind!!  I'll still keep an eye on the ticker to see how the Bulls do, as I watch the NHL Playoffs and MLB action!!  And who knows, perhaps they'll prove me wrong and make a run at the title anyway.  As indifferent to the NBA, and Bulls, as I have become, I would still rather see ANYONE make it to the Finals other than Lebron and the Heat.

That's all for now, as I have already spent WAY too much time on the NBA!!

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BK Sports Update 04/30/2012

I started this blog a little over a year ago, and wasn't really sure what I wanted to use it for.  As it turns out, I'm still not sure!  For the most part, it just ended up being a place for me to post my gambling bets for the day, with a few opinionated posts thrown in every now and then.  Problem is, I never really stuck it with, and I attribute that to just not being content with the material being put out.  I mean c'mon, no one really want to see my mediocre gambling picks every day, do ya? 

I have decided to go a different direction.  I'm going to use it as more of a news/opinion blog, with daily updates on current sports goings on, and mix in anything else I find interesting in life.

So, without further ado, here we go!

Monday, April 30th, 2012:

The big news in the sporting world (key word being 'world') today is the match between Manchester City and Manchester United.  Of course, this is really only true if you live anywhere other than North America!  Nevertheless, the rest of the world will be watching closely, as City tries to prevent United from their 5th Premiership title in 6 years.  City currently trails United by 3pts in the EPL standings, so anything less than a victory will likely mean a 2nd place finish.  City currently leads United in goal differential (which would be the tiebreaker if they finish tied) at +60 to +54.  So a win for City today would put them in the drivers seat to win the title, with only 2 games left after today's match.

Coverage of today's match starts at 1:30 (CDT) on ESPN.  If you want to read more about it, HERE is an article from ESPN today about the big match.  There is also coverage of the match on the official EPL Website.  I am actually DVR'ing the game, and hope to NOT find out who wins until I watch it when I get home.  Wish me luck with that!!!

Now, here are things happening on THIS continent! 

MLB:  The big news over the weekend was the debut of Washington National's prospect Bryce Harper.  Harper collected a hit in each of his first two games, and made a couple outstanding plays in the outfield.  I watched most of his first 7-8 plate appearances, and he seems to have a VERY natural plate presence, and at just 19 years old, seems ready for full time MLB action.  Two games is hardly enough of a sample size to know that just yet though, so we'll keep an eye on him over the next couple weeks and see how he does.  The Nationals are surprisingly in 1st place in the NL East (tied with the Braves at 14-8), but have dropped four in a row, including a 3 game sweep by another surprise first place team, the LA Dodgers. However, it should be noted that those four games were lost by a combined 5 runs.  The Dodgers currently sit in 1st place in the NL West at 16-6, led by Matt Kemp and his paltry 0.425 batting average.  Obviously that will be a tough average to maintain, but so far he is showing that he has a legit shot at a Triple Crown run.  The Nats are off tonight and the Dodgers travel to Colorado.  Here is a link to today's full MLB slate.

Nothing too intriguing on the MLB schedule for the day. The Cubs are in Philly looking to take 3 of 4 from the banged up Phillies.  Japanese import Yu Darvish (3-0, 2.42 ERA) takes the hill for the Rangers tonight.  One afternoon game as well, as the slow-starting Marlins host a get-away-day matinee vs. the Diamondbacks.  The Marlins are off to a disappointing 8-13 start and find themselves 5.5 games out of first.  While there is still plenty of time to turn things around, they really can't afford to fall too much further back, as the NL East is proving to be a tough division this year.  Corbin (ARZ) vs Buehrle (MIA) today at 11:40AM (CDT).

NBA:  The Derrick Rose injury stole most of the NBA headlines the past two days. I won't touch too much on it here as I plan to do a separate write up about it, and the debate over whether or not he should have been in the game.  Yesterday's game 1 results were Atlanta over Boston, San Antonio over Utah, Lakers over Denver, and the Clippers big come from behind win over Memphis (outscored them 35-13 in the 4Q to win by 2).  Tonight the Knicks take on Miami (Heat up 1-0), Dallas at OKC (Thunder up 1-0) and Orlando is at Indiana (Magic up 1-0).

NHL:  Sunday saw the Flyers upend the Devils 4-3 in OT to take a 1-0, and Phoenix take down the Preds 5-3 to go up 2-0.  Tonight the Capitals try to even their series with the Rangers at 1-1 in NY, and LA looks to go up 2-0 at St. Louis.

That's it for today's sports update! Thanks for stopping by.

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