Friday, November 30, 2012

Saturday Football Preview and Picks.....

Friday night's two great games have set the bar high this weekend.  Let's hope Saturday can keep it going!  Kent did fall short of having a BCS shot.  But does a team that lost to Kentucky really deserve a BCS birth?  Well, it would have sort of cool to have them in I guess.  NIU is a longshot, but needs help.

Before we get to the games I like on Saturday, how about the over/under line in the Oklahoma vs. Baylor game??  It opened at 81.5 and has climbed all the way to an absurd 88.5!!!!  It's the highest total in recorded Vegas history. did a nice write up on it.  I think it certainly has the potential to get that high, however any value in taking over would probably have to have been done near the open, and is probably gone now.  Still might hit 90, but I see no value in betting it.  No way I'm touching the under.

Now....on to the games.......

Kansas at West Virginia (1:30 PM CT)
Current Line (West Virginia -20, O/U 71)
Big 12 bottom feeder Kansas rolls into Morgantown to take on WVU.  This one is pretty simple for me.  WVU has had their struggles on D, no secret.  But for the most part, their struggles were against teams with above average offenses, and that could move the ball through the air.  KU is not that team.  Conversely, WVU should have no issue getting in the end zone vs a team that gives up a lot of points on the road.  Lay the points here. West Virginia 49, Kansas 17: Play (West Virginia -20)

Florida State vs Georgia Tech (7:00 PM CT)
Current Line (FSU -14, O/U 61)
If you read my post yesterday, you know what I think of Georgia Tech. They are bad, very bad.  FSU has had a few ups and downs, but not this week.  FSU rolls and clinches their spot in the Orange Bowl.  No other thinking necessary on this one.  Oh, did I mention Georgia Tech sucks??  They do, watch the game if you don't believe me. Florida State 42, Georgia Tech 14: Play (FSU -14)

Those are my two top plays.  Here a couple more I like, but might not play, or will play smaller.

Wisconsin +3 vs Nebraska 
Just got a feelin' the Badgers keep this one close and pull out the win.  

Hawai'i -6 vs South Alabama
This is such a garbage game I can't believe I'm even considering it, but Hawai'i is playing better, and South Bama just plain sucks, and now has to travel half way across the world, almost literally.  If you like this game, take it now, as it might be -7 by kickoff. 

OK, now onto the big game.

The SEC Championship game, the "national semifinal" if you will.  Bama opened up at -7.5 and the line has pretty much held there all week.  Not sure I like it that much on that side of a key number.  However, I am just having a hard time figuring out how Georgia is going to stop Bama.  Georgia has given up some points and yards this year to some less than impressive offenses (Buffalo, FAU, South Carolina, Kentucky).  I'm not saying UGA is a bad team, they are really good, but from what I've seen from Bama they are just better. They struggled for one half against A & M, but once they started opening things up, they really showed what they had, but just came up short.  UGA is going to have to pressure McCarron and force some turnovers.  I just don't see it.  Not calling for a blowout, but I think Bama wins by 10+.  Alabama 31, Georgia 17: Play (Alabama -7.5)

Now for the kicker....I won't be able to watch most of these games thanks to my company office party!!  Oh well, at least it's an open bar!!

Good luck!!!



Falcons Helmets, Too Many Bowl Games, and an SEC Teabagger!

"So, why are in you prison?"
"Well, I took out my genitals and rubbed them on the head of a passed out LSU fan."
" are going to fit right in around here"

In case you missed it, Alabama fan Brian Downing has plead guilty and could face up to 2 years in prison for his teabag prank on a passed out LSU fan after their game earlier this month.  Moron.  That will lead to some interesting jail introductions, in the event that he is sentenced to prison time. And what's with the dude picking the LSU fan's nose?  Good job man, you got another guys boogers on your fingers, well done!

Staying in the south, the Atlanta Falcons wore their throwback red helmets last night in their game vs. New Orleans.  They were always one of my favorite helmets growing up, and for whatever reason, I always enjoy it when they wear them.  I wish they would go the full 9 and get the red jerseys on too, but I will take what I can get.

Trivia question:  Why do the Falcons have two gold stripes on their red helmets?  Answer at the bottom of the page.  I already knew.  If you are a helmet nerd, like myself, check out THIS WEBSITE which has basically EVERY helmet, ever worn by any pro or college team, current or defunct.  It's actually pretty cool, and the guy has done a great job.

I usually bitch and moan about commercials and ads I see, as most are pretty insulting to the average person's intelligence.  But sometimes I see one that is well done, and makes me laugh.  This is one of the good ones.  The kid is great.

It's particularly funny now, in light of Cam's sophomore slump!

In laughable news, Georgia Tech has had their waiver to become bowl eligible approved by the NCAA.  They are currently 6-6, and play FSU on Saturday.  A game in which they will likely lose.  Normally a team must be 0.500 or better to be eligible.  This is just further proof that there are TOO MANY BOWL GAMES!  The MAC is upset, as this ruling may keep one of their teams out of a bowl game.  While I understand that perspective, is it really better to send Bowling Green?? No, it's still just mediocrity.  If you have seen Georgia Tech play, you know they just aren't very good.  Their 6 wins have come against mostly poor competition, and their only win vs a team with a record over 0.500 was vs UNC (8-4).  Last year UCLA had the same waiver approved, and lost to Illinois in some bowl game no one watched.  Too many bowl games, too many bowl games, too many bowl games.  Can't say it enough.  Although, on the upside, there are more games to gamble on!!

Thanks for stopping by!  The answer to the trivia question is below.



The reason Atlanta has gold stripes on their helmet is:  When they decided on black and red as their primary colors, they did not want to alienate the Georgia Tech fans (coincidentally enough), since red and black are the colors of GTech's instate rival U of Georgia.  So they added the gold stripes in Tech's honor.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

NBA, Rutgers, and the "Actually it's Seven" girl.....

If you are reading this, I assume you didn't win Powerball either.  : (

So am I the only one out there that just can't tolerate watching the NBA??  I mean, I was really into it back in the day, but being a Bulls "fan" and watching Jordan and co. win title after title, it was just fun.  Maybe the game has changed, maybe I have changed, I don't know.  What I do know is that occasionally I try to watch an NBA game (usually because I made a silly bet on a game), and it's just painful.  Just seems to lack any team approach, and has a choppy flow.  Thank god for the NHL and College Hoops!  Anyway, I did come across this hilarious photo taken from an NBA game.  It's a classic.
So, I guess there are TWO good reasons to go to an NBA game at least! ; ) Snickers and Skittles, of course.

Rutgers takes on Louisville tonight in a battle of two teams on their way OUT of the Big East. (Rutgers to the Big 10 and Louisville to the ACC in 2014)  Some are calling it the biggest game in Rutgers football history.  And a long history they do have (since 1869 to be exact).  In fact, this is only the 5th time in history that Rutgers has been ranked, and faced off vs. another ranked team.  It's big for them, as a win should put them into a BCS Bowl.  That would be huge for exposure, especially for a program about to make the jump to a more competitive league.  So the game is getting some hype, especially from ESPN (who is carrying it), but in reality, it's just two mediocre teams fighting one out in prime time, and regardless of represents the Big East in a BCS Bowl, they will likely get rolled over.  The line on the game is Rutgers -3, which is a pretty standard line for two "even" teams on paper.  I'll probably just watch the NFL game instead!

Anyone out there completely SICK of seeing this commercial?
I just want to smack her face with a 2 x 4 every time I hear "actually it's seven" come out of her non-football watching mouth.  I mean really, do the NFL and Verizon really think you can just become a fan because you watch a few games on your cell phone?  Of course they don't, but they do want people to remember their ads, AND talk about their products, so......mission accomplished I guess!  Also, who let Drew Brees into that party with a sport coat and T-shirt???  And who served him a plate of diarrhea??  On a side note, if anyone knows who the girl in the ad is, let me know, I could not find out.  I'd like to send her some fan mail!

Small card of college games this week, but some big games to discuss......which I will another time.

Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, November 26, 2012

ND in the BCS Title Game...sigh.

I guess it's official now, so no use in denying it any longer. ND held off USC on Saturday night, cementing themselves into the BCS Championship game. While I am usually critical of ND (a "hater" as some tools might say!) you have to give them credit for winning all their games. Their ranking, and spot in the title game are deserved. Their opponent is yet to be determined however. Although it is apparently 100% for sure going to be the winner of this Saturday's SEC Championship Game between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Alabama Crimson Tide. I'm not sure exactly where in the "LAW OF THE BCS" where it states the SEC Champ is automatically in, but I guess that's the case. So congrats to ND and their fans, and they had better start working on their offense, because Bama might be a little tougher to score on then USC.

Speaking of USC......what was with Layne Kiffin's HORRIBLE play calling on ND's goal line stand?  I understand you have a very green QB, but you can't just try and cram it down their throat three times??  It's not a secret ND has a strong D, and a very stout front 7.  Then instead of kicking the FG on 4th down to make it a one possession game, he runs a play action pass which was thrown too low.  I can somewhat understand going for it, as you never know when you'll get that close to a TD again,  but the whole sequence was odd, and I think he out coached himself there.

In case you missed it, there was an odd play in the Lions-Texans game on Thanksgiving Day.  The Texas RB   was stopped, appeared to be down, but no whistle blew, and he kept running (smart move), and ran all the way to the end zone for an apparent touchdown.  However, once the replay was shown, it was obvious that his knee was down where he was first contacted.  Lion's coach Jim Schwartz got a little trigger happy with his challenge flag, and forgot for a second that all scoring plays are reviewed, and tossed his flag anyway.  Well I guess that is against the rules, as it does stop the play, and almost gives them a free timeout.  So a coach could just randomly do it to stop play for a moment without reason.  I get the rule, but man is that bizarre, as then there is no review that can help the Lions, and the play stands as called!!  Check out this link for the full video and some commentary on the play, as the NFL is now reviewing the rule.  I understand why the rule is in place, but unless him throwing the challenge flag really gave his team any edge, I don't see why they should be penalized.  Or perhaps that is too much objectivity for a ref to handle??

Oh....Dallas played on Thanksgiving too.   Or did they?  Pathetic.  The sad thing is that they still have a chance to make the playoffs!!!  There are two too many teams in the NFL, and too many in the playoffs.  I'd just assume see Dallas tank the rest of the year and start cleaning house, starting with Romo and Garrett.  How's that for being a fan?

In football fashion news, there were a few alt unis that caught my eye over the weekend.  I'm not usually a big fan of the mono-chromatic theme, but I like both Arizona and UCLA's looks over the weekend.

Of course, both teams lost!!

In the UGLY department, San Jose State took the cake.  Props to them on a great season, and for turning around their program, but they really need to ditch these eyesores!!  Conversely, their opponent Louisiana Tech has some simple, yet solid unis, and I LOVE their helmets.

Again, the team with the less ugly uniforms, lost the game.  Hmmmm.....

....I'm not sure what is more annoying, the fact that there is no NHL, or the fact that there IS NBA???

Hope everyone is recovered from Thanksgiving.  One more good night of sleep and I'll be back in form.

Have a good week!!

bk-- and check out the video below the Avett Brothers!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Day After Dinner..........and Cajun Au Gratin Potatoes!

We had a pretty low-key Turkey Day.  Went for a hike with the dogs and family in the morning, then went out for dinner in the evening.  I still managed to completely stuff myself though (BBQ ribs), to the point where I couldn't even finish my apple pie.  After dinner, we just came home and had a few drinks, then hit the hay.  So this morning, (after sleeping until 10am) I was surprisingly UNhungover.  Quite an odd feeling for me, as Thanksgiving is usually filled with an inordinate number of drinks. D's dinner wasn't as quite as fulfilling as mine, so she decided that she wanted cheesy potatoes today, and went to the store to get the ingredients and a few other things.

I've never made cheesy potatoes, so I had to google up some recipes and figure out what the hell to do.  I  finally found one that looked OK, and that called for ingredients I knew I had for the most part.

Now, I called them "Cajun" but I'm not really there was anything Cajun about them at all.  Aside from the
Tony Chachere's seasoning I used, of course, which I use on just about everything I cook with anyway.

So, I set out all the ingredients, and got to work!

The recipe called for 6-8 potatoes, or 2 per person (I was cooking for 4), but our potatoes were small, so I just used 11 small ones.  I'm not a big recipe follower anyway.  A lot of times I just use them to get the basics that go in, and for cooking temps and times.  Peeling and slicing the potatoes was a bitch.  Easily the worst part of the process.  Once peeled I washed them in a colander  then got to slicing.  After slicing, all the potatoes went into a pot of ice cold water.

I intended to follow the cheese sauce part of the recipe to a T, but found we were a little short on some of the ingredient quantities.  I wasn't going out to the store, so I just winged it.  The recipe called for 3 cups of milk or whipping cream, but we only had 2.  So I just went with it.  I used a little more butter than it called for in the white roux, cause no one ever got hurt cause of little extra butter.  I added the heated cream and whisked, as directed.

The recipe also called for 4 cups of shredded cheese, and we only had 2.  So I chopped up about 5 big slices of Pepper Jack, and that seemed to fill the void.  Put all the cheese into the cream sauce, and stir it in.  It melted right up, and smelled great.  I added some Cajun seasoning, a little salt, a little pepper, and a dash of ground cumin.  Strain the soaking potatoes and spray the casserole dish (I think that is what I used, it was glass and big, like a pan you'd use for brownies).

The rest is pretty easy.  Put the potatoes in the dish, pour the sauce over them, and mix it up pretty good.  Cover with foil, and put in the over for 40 minutes.  I think I had it at 400 degrees.  I usually just cook everything at 400-425.  Whatever!  I did notice at this point, that the recipe called for more cheese to be added on top after they are to be taken out, and that sounded like a fantastic idea, so off I went.  It worked out though, as I needed to grab a couple other things, including some garlic bread, which ended up being a great addition.

After 40 minutes, you take off the foil and cook for another 40 minutes.  At this point I got going on the rest of the meal.  That consisted of a rib-eye steak for me, green beans, the aforementioned garlic bread, some dinner rolls, and some apple-cornbread stuffing.

Took the potatoes out right as directed, and let them cool on the stove top while I finished everything up.  Miraculously, everything else timed out pretty well, and dinner was served.  The potatoes came out AMAZING!!!  The lacking in cheese and cream in the recipe was not evident (perhaps I didn't use enough potatoes, and it all evened out).  It was VERY cheesy, and just really good.  I am an amazing cook!!  Everything else turned out really good too, especially the rib-eye we got from Whole Foods, which was fantastic, and reasonably priced (about $12).  

We did some damage to them, that's for sure!!!

OK, I'm sure that this dish is pretty hard to mess up, and there really isn't much to it.  Still, I was glad they turned out good, and I was proud of myself!  It ended up being a great meal, and a really nice day.

Been pretty bummed since Oregon lost last weekend.  Not that I went there or anything, and I'm some big fan.  Just liked that team, and was disappointed they lost the way they did.  They still have an outside chance of backing into the BCS title game, but it will be a long shot.

Tonight, I have one play.  Arizona-ASU UNDER 72.  I know both these teams can put up some points, but that is A LOT, and ASU's defense isn't horrible.  At 18 pts per quarter, you'd only be at a push.  This could end up being a complete shoot out and still go under.  I'm hoping since it's rivalry game, both teams come out a little tight before things open up.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Maryland and Rutgers likely to join the Big Ten....

The Maryland Board of Regents voted to approve a move out of the ACC, and into the Big Ten.  It's obviously about $$$$, as are most things nowadays.  Maryland's President admitted as much himself.  The real question is, what the hell is a "Board of Regents"?  I think I want one of those for me.

Dear BK's boss:

The BK Board of Regents has voted and concluded that BK is too tired to attend his place of employ on this  dreary and sunless Monday morning.  If you shall be in need of his assistance, he will be perched on his couch watching recorded episodes of Kitchen Nightmares, whilst sipping hot tea and ignoring your phone calls.  Good Day Sir!


The BK Board of Regents

Accepting applicants ask we speak!

Honestly, I don't see what all the fuss is about.  All these big conferences are making moves right now, and everything is in a state of flux.  It's probably going to keep up for the next several years.  The ACC will nab Louisville and UCONN from the dying Big East, and blah, blah, blah, round and round we go.  Yeah, it really doesn't make the Big Ten that much better, or worse.  Rutgers is probably better than at least half the B10 football teams this year, and Maryland (if they can regain some of their glory of years past) will be decent in basketball.  It gives the Big Ten a broad geographic fan base, and it keeps $$$ in the pockets of schools like Maryland and Rutgers, to help avoid cutting other programs, or perhaps just to line the pockets of their Board of Regents.  I don't think too much stock should be put into the current state of Rutgers and Maryland athletics, in order to determine if it's the right move.  They could get worse, they could get better, who knows.  

Honestly, my biggest concern is Maryland's uniforms, and I seriously hope by 2014 (their estimated entry into the B10) that they have settled on some nice solid non-ugly uniforms.  PLEASE JUST GET RID OF THE YELLOW AND BLACK CHECKER THING!  The Big Ten is home to some of the best college football uniforms and helmets around, let's try to keep it that way!

Seriously, WTF is that?

Now, for some real news.  How about this lady who paid $200 for an IPAD that was actually a MIRROR!  In an ironic twist, I purchase most of my mirrors from the Apple Store.



ps- Board of Regents

Monday 11/19/2012 (BCS, Oregon, Byron Leftwich...and more)

.....BREAKING NEWS.....THE NHL LOCKOUT CONTINUES.  Sorry............moving right along......

Let's just get this out of the way.  Very disappointed in Oregon's performance on Saturday night.  A loss that will in all likelihood keep them out of the BCS Championship game.  You have give Stanford a lot of credit for containing Oregon's speedy-high paced offense. Oregon still had plenty of chances to get the win, and in the end their kicking failed them yet again.  I know the Pacific NW is a big soccer region, so you'd think they could get a more reliable kicker!!  Maybe they are all playing soccer.  Regardless, with a program as high profile as theirs, that is one position you cannot afford to overlook.  Missed kicks aside, the turning point in the game for me was in the early 2nd quarter, when MariOta broke one down the sideline for what should have been an easy TD and a 7-0 lead, but Deanthony Thomas tried to outrun his QB, instead of blocking the only Stanford defender that could, and did save the TD. Then of course, a few plays later UO was stopped on 4th down, and Stanford got the ball back still tied.

On a side note, I did like the Ducks unis again......too bad they put more time into that, than their kicking game.

I have a lot more to say about how this game, and K-State's loss (which I hinted might happen)will shake things up for the BCS Title game.  Of course, Alabama is automatically back in the title game for some reason, and 2 other SEC schools are right behind. Apparently their losses don't count as much as losses for Florida State, K-State, Oregon and others.  ND deservedly moved to #1, and only needs to get by USC Saturday to make the title game.

If you were keeping track of my picks from Saturday, you are probably wishing you were my bookie!  Aside from winning the Baylor game........the rest were atrocious!!  I knew it was a bad omen when Marshall had a 38-17 lead late in the 3rd quarter and choked it away, only to save a sister-kissing-push on the last play.  It was pretty much downhill from there.

So, I see the Steeler's double-dipped on their throwback uniforms last night and wore them for the second time.  Did they forget their regular ones at home?  Maybe lost a bet??  I am creating a new position for the NFL, called "Throwback/Alternate Uniform & Helmet Approver" and I am applying for the position myself.  The truth is, in both pro and college some of the "alt" uniforms and helmets are just plain UGLY........and something needs to be done about it!!!!  Although, I do admit I am more of a traditionalist when it comes to that stuff.  I will let  you know if the NFL approves my idea.  I've sent several hundred emails to the league office so far, and still no responses   Speaking of Pittsburgh, anyone else think that Byron Leftwich looks like Kenan Thompson (who is some child star actor)???  

And no, I did not know Kenan Thompson's name before I wrote this.  And YES, I did google "fat black child star nickelodeon" to find him, and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

Speaking of UGLY uniforms, looks like Maryland and Rutgers might be joining the Big Ten.  That's sort of big news.  I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.  I don't think you can just judge the move based on how those teams football programs are doing right this second.  I am waiting for more details on it, before I officially take a stance.

I mean really......I get that you are proud of your state flag, but that is just too much.  Especially now that you'll be in the Big Ten, a conference with some of the best uniforms in college football.

If you are looking for a good laugh....check out this video from the Jimmy Kimmel show from last week that Kid Dynamite posted on his blog on Friday.  It's fisting hilarious.  

That's all for today.  I cannot wait to get home and watch the Bears-Niners game with my eyes closed!!!

bk more treat....random Beastie Boys video.........

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why the BCS sucks (and the college bowl/voting system in general)

I will keep this short and sweet.

The BCS system sucks, duh.  Let's apply this same system to college hoops.  We'll have the NCAA basketball tourney, as normal.  But once we get to the Final Four, we'll just have a bunch of people vote and use a computer and pick the "best" two teams to play in the Championship game, even if they've already lost in the tournament.

How stupid would that be?

So, essentially, in football.....the entire season is really just a big tournament.  You don't lose, you keep playing.  you are undefeated, THEN YOU KEEP PLAYING UNTIL SOMEONE BEATS YOU.  Now, I understand that there are still 3 unbeatens, and it would suck if the season ended that way and one (read: Notre Dame) is left out.  Hopefully the 4 team playoff will start to alieviate some of this nonsense next year, but it's still a flawed system.


That is all.

Saturday Sports..............11/17/2012

After being painfully forced to watch two garbage games on Friday night, I am really looking forward to some good games on Saturday.

On a side note, caught some college hoops for the first time this season.  Watched the tail end of the LBSU vs. North Carolina game.  My girlfriend "D" who lived in Cali, informed me that LBSU was from Long Beach.  Which now qualifies her to broadcast for ESPN! Congrats on the demotion honey!!  I casually said, yep, they're the 49ers.  "No" she says, they're from Long Beach.  OK.......conversation is pretty much over.  I told her to run down to the nearest sports bar and grab 100 people, and we'll all take a collegiate nickname test, and I guarantee I beat 100 of them.  My point is, I don't care WHY they're called the 49'ers, but they ARE.  Don't argue with me. Side note:  UNC won, and no one cares, because it's NOVEMBER.

(for those of you too stupid to figure out why the above exchange is funny, Long Beach is in SOCal, and the "49ers" are known to be more NORCal...oh never mind.......)

....on another side note.  If anyone was bored (read: degenerate) enough to watch the Hawai'i v. Air Force game tonight, you found out (several times) that #1 Baylor lost to #4 Stanford in women's college hoops.  Yawn, yawn, yawn.  But the line of the night by some ESPN "analyst" was "Stanford was ranked 4, you have to think they move up now", really Einstein, no SHIT, I wonder who they'll pass????

OK, so I made my points, I know more about college nicknames than my girlfriend, and I hate ESPN...., finally..............let's get to some games!!

Recent unbeatable #1 SEC powerhouse Alabama attempts to regain some control of their BCS stout by hosting....Western Carolina????  Sorry Bama!!!  But....I'm sure Bama will find a way to sneak into the BCS Championship game again after ND loses to USC and KState falters against someone.  Which is just FINE with me, because Oregon will beat them....which leads me to my first game....

Stanford @ Oregon --  Can anyone stop Oregon? Rhetorical question.  No.  Have you seen them play?  OK, maybe their D isn't top tier quality.  It doesn't have to be when their offense scores at will.  Stanford will score, big whoop.  Oregon will score more, a LOT more.  Will UO cover the 20.5 spread....hmmm..not sure, but the game total will go over 65.  Oregon 49 - Stanford 27

Stanford/Oregon OVER 66

Wake Forest @ Notre Dame -- zzzzzz, wake me up when NBC gets their c**k out of Mantei's mouth.  ND has no quality wins, aside from their OT squeaker vs Stanford.  If you watch this game, do everyone a favor, and do it with a Jewel bag over your head (plastic please).

ND -3 intelligent viewers = zero audience

KState @ Baylor -- Here is one to watch out for.  Baylor could pull off the upset, if it wasn't for their ineptitude for tackling.  I still think Klein and co.get it done, but I would take the points here.

Baylor +12.5

OK, those are the "marquee" about a shit game lock??  Got one.

Marshall -3 vs Houston  -- Last year Houston was an above average CUSA team with a great QB, Keenum, who is now gone.  This year Houston is a BAD CUSA team, facing an only slightly better CUSA team in Marshall.  However, Houston cannot play D, and Marshall has a decent offense, relatively speaking. Take the home team here and lay the FG.  

Marshall -3

OK, one more and I'll let you go.....I have no real write up, but I think Texas State and Navy goes way over 57.  Both teams struggle to stop on D, and I just think it's a 38-35 kind of game.  

Now...back to watching UofILL lose @ Hawai'i in hoops.

Happy gambling....or whatever it you normals do on Saturdays!!!!  Go Ducks!!  QUACK QUACK!!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Just a few random thoughts.....

The football games tonight are complete trash, and I'm not betting NCAA hoops yet, so I don't have a ton to say right now........  But, a big thanks to the NFL Network for the epic Bills @ Dolphins match up!!  This would have been a great match up, in 1991.  Yawn.

Congrats to R.A. Dickey on his Cy Young Award!!  GO KNUCKLEBALLERS!!  I've always thought the knuckleball was cool pitch.  Glad he won, as it was deserved.

...also, this just in, Texas A & M, (by virtue of beating a supposed "NFL caliber" Alabama team) has been promoted to the N.F.L.!!!  WOW!!!  The Jacksonville Jaguars have agreed to be relegated to the SEC.  This probably means Blaine Gabbert will get drafted too high....again.  As part of the agreement, the Jags (despite their poor record) were deemed to be bowl eligible.  They will play the Duke Blue Devils (also bowl eligible) in the Hey If You Are Watching This You Might Be Interested in Shooting Yourself Bowl.  Johnny Manziel might win the Heisman Trophy AND NFL Rookie of the year!  I kid obviously, but that was a HUGE win for A&M, not to mention Oregon, Kansas State and Notre Dame!  This is usually the time of year when I get on my ANTI-BCS soapbox, but I will give it a rest........for now. 

....and I still can't get enough of watching the highlights of Celtic FC's EPIC upset over Barcelona last week.

Here are the full highlights:

..and a shorter video taken from the crowd of 18 year old Tony Watt's decisive goal to put Celtic up 2-0.

That's all for today.  Go Ducks!! Quack Quack!!!