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BCS Nonsense, NFL Playoffs, HOF Shut Out and the ND Haters Guide!

A few topics today.  A quick recap of the BCS Title Game, and an interesting find regarding one of the BCS computers that is further proof the system is flawed.  We'll touch on the HOF shutout, RG III's injury, and this weekend's football match ups.

As most of the world knows by now, Alabama absolutely stomped Notre Dame in last Monday's BCS Championship game.  It's Bama's second title in a row, and third in four years.  It was a complete domination from the opening kick.  A couple days later I found this nugget of an article on

If you don't want to read it, I will break it down.  It basically says that one of the six computers the BCS uses to compile it's rankings STILL has ND ranked #1 over Alabama!!!!  These are the SAME computers that are used to compile the standings during the year and help determine who will play in the BCS Bowls, including the title game.  How ridiculous is that!!?!?!  It's complete circular unlogic!!  ND and Bama each only have one loss.  Bama lost to a 2-loss Texas A & M team, and ND lost to Bama.  Bama is CLEARLY the best team, so by virtue of ND's only loss coming against the clear top team, they must be #1.  Makes perfect sense??!?!?!  I'm sure SOS and other factors play into it as well, and the article does state that margin of victory does not factor in.  Blah blah blah.  Further proof that the current system is so jacked up beyond repair.  We'll see how next year goes with the new 4 team playoff.  I can't imagine it will be any worse!!!  In hindsight, a Bama vs. Oregon National Title Game would have been sweet.  Not sure if Oregon had the D to stop Bama, but they would have surely put up a better fight.  Oh well.....

SB Nation posted an interesting photo the other day.  It was a screen shot of ESPN's show Sports Nation:

"How much do you blame Jay Cutler for RG III's injury?"

Huh!??!?!??!!?  ESPN is now just making things up to discuss on their shows apparently!!!!  In case you don't recall.  Cutler suffered an injury two years ago in the NFC Championship game (TWO YEARS AGO) and did not return to the game.  Many fans and media questioned his "toughness" and the severity of the injury, and thought he should have come back in.  Fast forward to last week and RG III tweaks his bum knee early in the game, but stays in the game, and eventually gets knocked out and does some serious damage to his knee.  Does anyone in their right mind think that RG III, Mike Shananhan or any other Redskins personnel thought about Cutler's specific injury when decided whether or not to send him back in??  Absurd.  And to specifically ask IF CUTLER IS TO BLAME????  So silly, and that is putting it nicely.

In baseball news.  No one was elected to the HOF this year.  It's happened before, but not since 1996.  Craig Biggio was the top vote getter, but still came up short.  I thought Biggio would get in, and think he deserves it.  Sometimes writers don't like to put guys in on the first ballot.  Whatever, that's fine.  He'll get in eventually.  The real debate is regarding all the alleged steroid users (Sosa, Bonds, Clemens, Palmeiro et al). These are sportswriters.  That's who votes these guys in.  That's the way it's always been. If you don't like sportswriters, then find a different HOF to complain about.  Without specifically debating whether or not anyone on this year's ballot deserved to get in, I LIKE the idea that it's possible no one can get in.  There are a LOT of great baseball players NOT in the HOF.  That's the way it should be.  I don't want every single player that had a very above average career to get in. That's not what it's for.  It also makes for some GREAT debates about who should/shouldn't be in. You don't have the same debate for the NFL HOF (sans Ray Guy), they let 6-7 people in every year!!!  The steroid debate is interesting though.  Some of them did get a lot of votes, so you never know.  The whole baseball era of the 90's and early 00's is tainted to me, and not sure what to make of it all.  If you want to see the exact voting results, the link above has it.

Now, on to this weekend's football games.

The first game today is Baltimore at Denver.  Weather is supposed to play a factor, and could slow down an already slow Baltimore offense.  Denver has a pretty decent D too.  Couple that with the altitude, and Peyton Manning, and it's clear as to why Denver is a 9pt favorite.  I'm not sure I want to lay that many points, so I am leaning towards the OVER 43.5 instead.  Unless weather conditions are extremely bad, I see Denver putting up some points.
Denver 31 - Baltimore 20

Next up is the Packers at San Francisco.  The Niners got a bye, and play a home game here.  The Packers have looked more beatable this year than in years past, but still have a formidable offense, and should be right in this game.  The Niners are a 3 point favorite at home, which tells you the books see this one pretty much as a coin toss.  I will take the veteran QB here over the rookie in a close, hard fought game.
Green Bay 27 - San Francisco 23

Tomorrow's early game is Seattle at Atlanta.  Seattle seems to be the trendy pick to come out of the NFC.  They have a great D, and are playing really good football of late. Atlanta is known for playoff let downs, and despite their great home regular season record in recent years, always seems to disappoint.  This year, I think Atlanta gets it done though!!  Again, we have a rookie QB making a road start, and I like Atlanta's offense to have enough fire power to get some scores on Seattle's D.  Seattle played great last week in their win at Washington, but RG III's was obviously hobbled, and that was the deciding factor.  I think their nice run ends this week.
Atlanta 28 - Seattle 17

The final game is Houston at New England.  A rematch from a game a few weeks ago where New England absolutely destroyed Houston.  I doubt we see a repeat of that, but Houston has looked very mortal the past month+, and I just don't see them shutting down the Pats enough to escape with a win.  Not sure I want to lay the 9.5 pts though either.
New England 31 - Houston 21

Lastly this week.  If you hate ND, please check out this link.  It's really funny, even if you are an ND fan, you might find the humor in it.  And if not, perhaps you'll better understand why some root against them.

I bash ND a lot, so I will just leave it at that for now!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!  Enjoy the games!



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