Friday, January 4, 2013

Cotton Bowl, NFL Playoffs, and Collin Klein's Wife

Yeah, how sucky would it be if we had to watch Oregon play the winner of Monday's Alabama vs. Notre Dame game??  That would be really boring.  Instead, let's keep having half filled stadiums for BCS games in the name of keeping this antiquated Bowl system relevant.  (<<<<<SARCASM!!!)  Ah, what can you do.  The Rose Bowl was entertaining at least, and last night's Fiesta Bowl was too, despite the semi-lopsided score.  I really thought K-State would keep it closer, but Oregon's high powered offense proved to be too much.  My biggest gripe about the game was how ESPN kept showing Collin Klein's wife, over and over again. Like FIVE times in one drive, and then a few more times during the rest of the game.  Seriously, who cares??  And she was pretty ugly to boot, and possibly jaundice.  But that's just my opinion, and I am not a doctor.

Photo Courtesy of Bleacher Report
As the Bleacher Report reports HERE, Klein and his spray-tanning wife were married last summer.  And Klein had his FIRST KISS as the alter!!  Listen, Collin Klein seems like a nice guy, and he is a pretty damn good quarterback, but his NFL chances just took a major blow, as the NFL already has one Tebow, and that is the MAX ALLOWED.  I'm guessing Klein knows his NFL chances are slim, thus sealing the deal on the wife now.  Hey, who am I to judge.  Actually, I am BK, and this is my blog, so I will judge ANYTIME I want!!  Careful, you might be next!  Speaking of douche bags Tim Tebow, it was nice to see Tebow blatantly showing off his over sized Jeebus cross on the sidelines at the Sugar Bowl. Another reason I'm glad Florida lost.

OK, sorry about the anti-goodie-two-shoes rant.  I don't have anything personally against either one, just think they are both toolbags.  Nice jacket, asshat.

NFL Playoffs start Saturday!!!  Some good matchups this weekend.  The Colts roll into their former home Baltimore to take on the Ravens, the Vikings and Packers rematch from last week, and two rookie QB's face off in Washington as the RG III led Skins play host to Russell Wilson's Seattle Seahawks.  The Bengals also take on the slumping Texans, in the least attractive game of the weekend.  Another rookie QB awaits in the Divisional round, as Collin Kaepernick and the 49ers earned a first round bye.  Ponder and Dalton are both still pretty green too, as the NFL Playoffs have youth-run-a-muck at QB this year.  And let's not overlook the possible Brady-Manning rematch in the AFC title game!!  Story lines galore!!  Should make for some fun weekends in the next month.  I don't have any bold predictions to make here, as I think both the AFC and NFC are up for grabs this year.  But for argument's sake, I will say a Denver vs. Green Bay Super Bowl!!

What was that sport played in winter, where you slid around on frozen water trying to put a little black thing in the net?  Oh well.....can't remember........moving right along......

Tonight the BCS's unofficial fifth game takes place at Jerry Jones' Stadium in Dallas, as Texas A & M plays Oklahoma.  I will keep my analysis short and sweet.  A&M is overvalued here due to their win at Alabama, and due to the Manziel Heisman Hype.  I think OU is the better team, so I am taking them +3.5 and playing the ML (+130) as I think they win.  Probably a high scoring game too, and I think it could near 80pts total in the end.  I just hope that the coverage includes several dozen commercials reminding me how AWESOME insurance companies are, and how we'd all be screwed without them when disaster hits.  Um, correct me if I am wrong, BUT ISN'T IT THE INSURANCE COMPANIES JOB TO HELP REBUILD PEOPLE'S LIVES WHEN DISASTERS HIT?  A JOB THAT WE ARE PAYING THEM BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF $$$$$$$$$$$$ TO DO EVERY YEAR??  Sorry...ranting again!

Well...that's all I have for today!!!  Go Sooners!!

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